December 28, 2019 Speaker: Mark Edwards Series: God With Us

Passage: John 14:1–4

1. When you think about heaven, describe the image you have of heaven.


2. Pastor Mark shared two foundational statements about heaven. That:

  •  Heaven is up.
  •  Heaven is home.

Do either of these statements create a conflict of thought for you? Which one, and why?


3. Read Philippians 3:12-14. Knowing that heaven is “the” goal for your life, describe what you are experiencing right now that, if you let it, could distract you from pressing on for that goal.


4. Read Matthew 6:19-21. Jesus said that we are to “store up treasure in heaven”. Pastor Mark shared that the “treasure” that can be stored up is in:

  •  Growing more in your relationship with Jesus (ABIDE)
  •  Loving people the way Jesus would love them. (RESPOND)

List one or two ways you will “store up treasure in heaven” this coming year.


5. As we begin a time of Prayer & Fasting for January, share with your group how:\

  • You will be intentional to grow in your prayer life.
  • You will participate in the time of fasting.


Spend time praying for one another, specifically for the circumstances that each person is walking through, and the opportunities that are ahead for 2020.

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