April 10, 2021


Preacher: Jesse Bradley Series: What is God Saying? Scripture: Joel 1:1–20

Opening Questions:

1) How was your Easter and in what ways did you see God move?

2) Any questions about the new booklet for this series or the acronym SOAP in the booklet?

3) If someone asked you how to listen to God, what would you say? 


Text Questions:

1) Joel 1:1 What do you know about prophets, Joel and this book?

2) Joel 1:2-7 What are the effects of the locust plague and our current pandemic? 

3) Joel 1:8-12 How do you encourage people who have lost their joy?

4) Joel 1:13-14 What would it look like for you to intentionally pray more and why would you do that?

5) Romans 12:15-16 Who is suffering and how can you identify and connect with people in pain? 

6) Colossians 3:12-14 What is God saying to you about your relationships?

7) Lamentations 3:19-26 What good can come out of a pandemic?