July 10, 2021 Speaker: Jesse Bradley

Passage: Luke 5:27

Opening Questions:

1) When have you lost hope during the past year?


2) What has brought you hope recently?


3) How can someone grieve and have hope?


Text Questions: 

1) Matthew 7:24-27 What do these verses teach us about hope?


2) 2 Corinthians 10:4-5 What does it look like to live out this verse during the week?


3) Proverbs 16:3 How have you discovered some of God’s purposes for your life?


4) Luke 10:18-21 What does Jesus want the disciples to know about power, performance and identity? 


5) Psalm 42:11 What does it mean to put your hope in God? 


6) Isaiah 40:28-31 What are the benefits of having hope in the Lord?


7) 1 Peter 3:15 How can you spread hope to other people?


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