October 10, 2021 Speaker: Jesse Bradley Series: Move Beyond

Passage: Mark 2:23–27

Move beyond the traps of false teaching and bad advice. Jesus offers freedom and abundant life. Your soul will be satisfied in Christ alone. Have you ever experienced dead religion that tries to control Jesus and leaves guilt and shame?

Opening Questions:

1) Have you ever been stuck in a religious rut? 

2) When have you had life-giving encounters with Jesus during your life? 

3) How can people be rescued from a negative religious mindset? 


Text Questions:

1) Mark 2:23-24 What is the approach of the Pharisees?

2) Mark 2:25-26 What does Jesus want the Pharisees to know and change? 

3) Mark 2:27 How does Jesus bring rest and refreshment?

4) Galatians 5:13-14 What is the freedom that Jesus brings and what is the purpose of it?

5) Luke 13:10-17 What is Jesus’ approach to the Sabbath?

6) Matthew 11:28-30 What does Jesus offer and why do people often refuse to slow down, won’t take any sabbath and a opt in for a high stress lifestyle? 

7) Acts 16:13-15 What is Paul doing on the Sabbath and how can you invite more people to encounter Jesus? 

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