October 31, 2021


Preacher: Jesse Bradley Series: Move Beyond Scripture: Mark 6:1–6

Your success and influence attracts your strongest critics. Rejection includes people who: want to control you, declare a small potential, enforce a limited framework, hold your past over you, and bring undermining lies. The power of Jesus and revival in a location are linked to the faith of the people. Like Jesus, let rejection fuel your mission and faithfulness.


Opening Questions:

1) How was invitation Sunday a blessing and what did you see God do? 

2) What good things can come out of rejection?

3) How do you maintain your security in God when people are not supportive of you? 


Text Questions:

1) Mark 6:1-3 How does success often lead to being criticized? 

2) Mark 6:4-5 Have people ever tried to put you in a small box and minimize your potential and how did you break free from their opinions? 

3) Mark 6:6 How can Grace be a place that welcomes Jesus fully and believes His promises and power?

4) Matthew 17:20-21 What is Jesus saying in these verses and why? 

5) Mark 11:24 How are prayer and faith connected and what are you really praying for? 

6) Romans 15:13 What kind of hope are you experiencing during this long pandemic and the related challenges?

7) John 11:25-26 How do these verses about Jesus and overcoming change the world, our confidence in God and the good news we share with other people? 


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