November 21, 2021


Preacher: Jesse Bradley Series: Move Beyond Scripture: Mark 10:46–52

In some situations silence is wise, and in other circumstances silence is terrible. Desperation can lead to deep and powerful prayers. It takes courage to say the name Jesus in public settings. When God is honored, His presence and power transforms lives. God wants to empower you to find your voice and rise above the noise of the crowd. It takes faith to be bold when people tell you to be quiet. Jesus is compassionate towards anyone who calls on Him humbly and honestly.


Opening Questions: 

1) How do you know when to speak and when to be silent?

2) When is silence wise and when is it terrible? 

3) What are some of your persistent and passionate prayer requests with God? 


Text Questions:

1) Mark 10:46 How do you view people who beg?

2) Mark 10:47 What has been your experience when you bring the name of Jesus into public places? 

3) Mark 10:48 In what ways does our culture try to silence people who are seeking and following Jesus?

4) Mark 10:49-52 How did Bartimaeus live by faith through his voice and boldness? 

5) Acts 1:8-11 How do these verses shape the way you live?

6) Matthew 7:7-11 How do these verses shape the way you pray?

7) Colossians 4:2-6 What does it look like to be doers of this Word in the Sound?


Pray about who you could invite to your place for Thanksgiving.  


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