December 5, 2021


Preacher: David Chung Series: Move Beyond Scripture: Mark 1:1–15

Jesus' Sonship is proclaimed by the heavenly voice at His baptism, was proven by his faithfulness in the wilderness. Once proven, Jesus' ministry began. Our sonship as Christians will also have to be proven by our faithfulness in the wilderness of life. Then, we will become effective witnesses. 


Opening Questions:

1) Have there been any mountain top moments in your spiritually journey that stand out for you? 

2) What is your experience with water baptism? 

3) What trials have tested and accelerated your faith and personal growth? 


Text Questions:

1) Mark 1:1-8 What was God’s assignment for John the Baptist and can you relate to him in any ways?

2) Mark 1:9-13 Why do big challenges often come on the heels of great experiences? 

3) Mark 1:14-15 What are some keys to surviving and thriving in the wilderness? 

4) James 1:2-4 How do trials lead to greater victories with spiritual development?

5) Romans 8:28-31 How can your mindset shift from ‘go through it’ to ‘grow through it’? 

6) Habakkuk 3:16-19 What positive intentional steps can you take in the most difficult circumstances?

7) Lamentations 3:19-26 What brings you comfort from this passage? 


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