July 3, 2022


Preacher: Jesse Bradley Series: Messages From Jesus Scripture: Revelation 1:9–20

Who is Jesus? What is yet to come?

Listening to Jesus transforms you to be more like Jesus. You are most alive when you are trusting and abiding with Jesus. Your soul will be most satisfied when you are closest to Him   


Are you listening?

1) If you listen, Jesus will guide you and your church to be alive in the most difficult situations.

2) If you listen, you will find the real and full Jesus- update and upgrade your view.

3) If you listen, you will bow down in humility and stand up in courage.


Opening Questions:

1) What has helped you improve how you listen to other people?

2) What has helped you listen to God more and what has He been saying to you? 

3) Who are some people who listen well to you?


Text Questions:

1) Revelation 1:9-11 When has God given you patient endurance and how did John need patient endurance too? 

2) Revelation 1:12-16 Which part of this description of Jesus grabs your attention? 

3) Revelation 1:17-20 How does Jesus both reassure and commission John and us too? 

4) Proverbs 16:20 What are some specific examples of how you have listened to and embraced the Lord's instruction? 

5) Malachi 2:2 When have you seen this play out in the Bible and in life? 

6) Matthew 17:1-3 Why does Jesus reveal more of His glory? 

7) Isaiah 9:6 What does this description and the titles of Jesus mean to you? 


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