July 17, 2022 Speaker: Jesse Bradley Series: Messages From Jesus

Passage: Revelation 2:8–11

Because Jesus endured so much, He can both relate to us and empower us. What challenges are you facing? It's time to lean in and access all Jesus offers you today so you can stay faithful. 
As you abide with Jesus:
1) Know what God does not want you to endure.
2) Know what is worth suffering for now.
3) Know that worshipping Jesus will change your perspective and perseverance.
4) Know that Jesus’ love is your fuel.
Opening Questions:

1) What has been fun this Summer?

2) What is a BLESS story you can share with the group?

3) What has God been teaching you recently?

Text Questions:

1) Revelation 2:8-9 What are some afflictions you are enduring, and which ones aren't necessary? 

2) Revelation 2:10-11 What does faithfulness look like then and today? 

3) Galatians 6:9 How does the harvest motivate you?

4) Hebrews 12:1-2 What brings you joy in the middle of your challenges?

5) James 1:2-4 How has God grown you in difficult circumstances? 

6) Romans 5:3-4 How are you experiencing and spreading hope? 

7) Matthew 19:26 How do Jesus' words renew your mind and faith? 


Reminder we have prayer at noon on Mondays via Zoom. Click the link below to join us in prayer. 



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