June 9, 2024


Preacher: Jesse Bradley Series: Unite Scripture: John 17:23

Opening Questions:

1) How is unity both good and difficult?
2) What is holiness?
3) How are unity and holiness connected?

Text Questions:

1) Leviticus 11:44 How do you consecrate yourself?
2) Leviticus 20:26 Why does God call us to be holy?
3) Psalm 68:4-5 How does holiness include compassion and community?
4) Isaiah 6:1-8 How does this passage apply to us?
5) Philippians 2:14-16 What is God’s plan for His people?
6) 1 Peter 2:9 What does it mean that we are already a holy nation?
7) Hebrews 12:14 How do we live this out together?

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