Grace Community Church and Wabash Church invite you to stop in for Drive-Thru Prayer in our West parking lot each Friday from 5PM to 7PM.

Drive-Thru Prayer exists to create opportunities for believers to practice fulfilling the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20) by discipling each other and guests through Christian community and compassionate, Gospel-rich, appropriately tailored prayer and conversation.


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Drive-Thru Prayer (DTP) Auburn was unexpectedly birthed in early 2021 via an interesting, Spirit-led process: Two couples from Wabash Church decided to turn their Bible fellowship study into a missional community, centered around servitude, witnessing, and fulfilling the great commission together. After several dead-end ideas as a group, two members were inspired by the Spirit to craft a drive-through-prayer concept: Focused conversation and prayer with whomever stopped by.


This approach would not be “push” evangelism but would instead be a “pull” activity – compassionately listening to/conversing with/praying with a guest but waiting on the Spirit to lead the conversation and prayer into explicit presentation of the Gospel. It would create an easier opportunity to touch the community and each other with Jesus’ love and truth.

The two DTP Auburn originators were convinced it “had to happen” at GCC’s parking lot, which sits between two of the busier streets in Washington. Nevertheless, the larger group tried doing one evening of DTP at Wabash. No cars stopped in. There just wasn’t enough traffic out there in the country. After that, another missional-community member who had previous ties to GCC accepted the assignment to present the group’s DTP idea to the GCC Elder Board. 


The initial attempt at meeting with the GCC Elder Board (a COVID-driven, electronic meeting in early 2021) was a technical disaster– what could go wrong with the electronics did! A month later, the next attempt was fully bathed in prayer and technical practice. The result was a very successful session, resulting in unanimous GCC Elder support for the idea. Two of the Elders took the assignment to “shepherd” the activity from the GCC side, and existing prayer team members from GCC joined in as well. 


On Friday, June 18, 2021, the first DTP Auburn session was held. Team Members included a core of Wabash and GCC people. With the typical six thousand or more vehicles that pass by GCC between 5PM and 7PM on Fridays, this means a weekly opportunity to minister to thousands – even if it is just a smile and wave as they drive by GCC’s west-side parking lot.