All of our services are online | Saturday 5PM and Sunday 7:30, 9 & 10:45AM

We are excited to also have in person services with reservations below | Saturday 5PM and Sunday 9AM 

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2nd, 3rd and 4th Tuesdays of each month | 10:00-11:15AM

Grace Moms is a ministry for all moms. Moms can experience loneliness and feel disconnected from others. Like anyone, they need a community of friends that will support them. Many moms are unsure about their parenting skills and a community with other moms can be a source of encouragement. That is exactly why Grace Moms exists.

Grace Moms is a place where moms of all stages can connect with each other and with God. Registration runs quarterly with fall, winter and spring sessions each year. All moms are welcome, so invite your friends, sisters and neighbors.

While moms are together, their children are enjoying the same environments that we offer at all weekend services. Just like the weekends, we are committed to providing consistent care and learning that demonstrate a strong partnership with every family.

To more information about Grace Moms, you can contact the team HERE.

All moms are welcome to participate in Grace Moms, but leadership roles are for those who call Grace their home church.

If you are interested in serving, you can contact the team HERE.