Walking together to equip, enhance, enrich marriage relationships

Why Invest in Your Marriage? We invest in what we value.

Every marriage or potential marriage (dating or engaged couples) can be enhanced or strengthened. How can you strengthen your marriage? Sign up for Marriage Mentoring.

Marriage Mentoring is when you as a couple invite a mentor couple to invest time and resources into your marriage.   

Your marriage is the most significant person to person relationship you have. Invest in your spouse and strengthen your marriage.

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Marriage in Crisis or Crisis in Marriage: Every marriage goes through highs and lows. But knowing how to navigate through those times of difficulty can be most challenging. The Marriage Investor Team wants to help equip you for these times of crisis and difficulty. Sign up for Marriage Mentoring and rediscover the strength and unity of your marriage, even in the midst of crisis or hopelessness.

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More Information about Marriage Mentoring:

  • Couple to couple mentoring 
  • Trained Marriage Mentor Couple is assigned to you 
  • $35 fee for marriage assessment
  • Prepare and Enrich material is used
  • 8-9 Sessions scheduled by you and the mentoring couple

Marriage Investors is here to support you in your marriage. If you have a question or would like to have a one time conversation with a Mentoring Couple please send an email to adults@graceinauburn.com.

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Events: Be on the watch for upcoming Marriage Events!  

Life Groups: Want to help equip, enhance, and enrich the marriages of your life group? Send an email to adults@graceinauburn.com to inquire and someone will respond to your request.