All of our services are online | Saturday 5PM and Sunday 7:30, 9 & 10:45AM

We are excited to also have in person services with reservations below | Saturday 5PM and Sunday 9AM 

Families Experiencing the Daily Grace of Jesus


At Grace Community Church our vision is to see people everywhere experiencing the grace of Jesus in their daily lives. This vision is the driving force for what we do in Grace Students. Our goal is for all our families to experience the daily grace of Jesus. In Grace Students, we love middle and high school students and want to see each one of them grow and develop a relationship with Jesus, but we know the church can’t do it alone. Across all ages, Grace implements the Orange strategy to support parents in developing a foundation of faith for their kids. The basis of the Orange strategy is RED represents the heart of the family and YELLOW represents the light of the world, the church… ORANGE is the combination of these two influences in the life of a student. By empowering families, prioritizing community, and leveraging the impact of two combined influences, we believe we have the best opportunity to engage students in a lifelong relationship with Jesus and his Church.

We are in uncharted territory as a church and a community. Due to our current circumstances our regular Student gatherings look a lot different but we believe community and connection are more important now than ever! Until we can safely gather in the building again, you can stay connected by visiting us on Facebook HERE and watch this page for more updates coming soon.


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