June 19, 2022


Preacher: Ben Cross

Opening Questions:

1) What are some words that describe your dad?

2) What has your dad taught you about life?

3) How does our Heavenly Father heal when our earthly father was disappointing? 


Text Questions:

1) Ephesians 6:4 What is the role of a father? 

2) Psalm 103:13 Why is compassion significant and what are some ways to demonstrate it?

3) Proverbs 1:8 What is some of the best advice your parents gave you? 

4) Psalm 32:7-8 When have you run to God in the storms of life and how has God responded to you? 

5) Luke 15:20 How does this picture of God inspire you?

6) Malachi 4:6 What does restoration look like in your family?

7) Hebrews 12:7 How does love include discipline and when has it helped you grow? 


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