August 27, 2023


Preacher: Mark Edwards Series: Refresh Scripture: Psalm 140:1– 143:12

Opening Activity & Questions:

Have each person in your life group pick and read a different psalm from Psalms 140 – 143. Have them share their observations/answers to the following questions:

1) What is the general theme of the Psalm?
2) Is there a specific verse in that Psalm that relates to you and a situation you are dealing with, or dealt with?
3) What makes that verse so meaningful?

The words of King David in these Psalms are very intense & specific. Within your personal comfort, share how a specific Psalm (or verses) apply to your life right now.

Text Questions:

1) Psalm 140 What is David asking for help from in this Psalm?
2) Psalm 140 What words does David use to describe God?
3) Psalm 140 Have someone in the group share how God was their rescuer, and what they were rescued from.
4) Psalm 141 David seems to feel distant from God. What is David doing to draw near and get God’s help?
5) Psalm 141 David describes the need for protection from the “snares” and “traps” of his enemies. Share/Describe a “trap” that you need protection from in your life? Is it a “trap” you easily fall into? Why?
6) Psalm 142 David expresses pain and suffering in this Psalm. He feels alone & overpowered. What is his motivation for being rescued? What does David intend to do once he is delivered from his situation?
7) Psalm 143 What is David expecting God to accomplish in his life?
8) Psalm 143 And at the end what does David proclaim to describe his relationship to God?

How will you show God this week that you love and obey him? Ultimately, how will you serve him this week where you live, work, learn, or play? 

Closing Activities:

Take time to pray for one another, and for the specific things that people in your group need God’s help to overcome.

Then, have someone enthusiastically read Psalm 150 as a response of worship to God, who deserves ALL our praise!

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