December 10, 2023


Preacher: Jesse Bradley Series: Advent Scripture: Luke 2:10–14, John 14:27

Opening Questions: 

1) How are you entering into this advent season in good ways? 
2) What is trying to block your peace?
3) Who can you invite to church? 

Text Questions: 

1) Luke 2:10-14 How is peace part of Jesus' mission?
2) Isaiah 26:3 When and how have you experienced this peace?
3) Matthew 5:9 In what ways and situations are you a peacemaker who glorifies Jesus?
4) Luke 2:29-33 What do you still want to do for God before you die?
5) Philippians 4:4-7 When has God showed up in a powerful way and brought a sense of contentment and provision? 
6) Isaiah 9:6-7 What is significant about each of these names? 
7) John 14:27 How does this verse encourage you in the middle of what you are going through now? 

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