March 16, 2019


Preacher: David Chung Series: The Hand of God Scripture: Esther 6

March 16 & 17, 2019

Esther 6

1. The king could not sleep. (v. 1)

a. Divine insomnia will never be cured until God’s purpose is fulfilled through the person that cannot sleep.

b. The LXX (Septuagint) translates the king’s sleeplessness, “The LORD drove away sleep from the king.”

2. Coincidence or Providence? from Walter A. Elwell and Philip Wesley Comfort in Tyndale Bible Dictionary

a. Providence: “God’s activity throughout history in providing for the needs of human beings, especially those who believe in him.”

b. Significance of providence: “All through the centuries of human existence there have been those who took great comfort in God’s providential care. God has not left this planet alone in the vast universe or forgotten for a moment the human situation. God visits, touches, communicates, controls, and intervenes, coming before and between people and their needs. Providence is ground for thankfulness.”

3. Atheistic Scientific Worldview vs. Biblical Christian Worldview

4. Two Theological Themes of Esther

a. God’s Providence

b. God’s Hiddenness

Take Home

God is more than capable of saving us in our time of misery. Do not lose heart, but trust in God for His providential care.

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Life Group Discussion Questions

1. Have you ever been unable to go to sleep? When and why? Please share with your group.

2. What is the common factor that the kings shared in the following passages? (Esther 1:1Daniel 2:16:18)

3. How does the author of Psalm 121 explain God’s watchfulness over His people in verses 3 and 4?

4. Warren Wiersbe divides Esther chapter 6 into the following three outlines. Discuss the content of each point.

a. A Night of Discovery (vv. 1-5)

b. A Morning of Decision (vv. 6-10)

c. A Day of Disgrace (vv. 11-14)

5. What did David Chung say the two most prominent theological themes of Esther were?

6. Have you ever experienced God’s providential guidance against all odds? Please share.

7. What is your understanding of God’s hiddenness?

8. Discuss how God’s providence and hiddenness play a significant role in the book of Esther.

After sharing prayer requests, pray for one another asking God for His providential care.

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