August 28, 2022


Preacher: Jesse Peters Series: Messages From Jesus Scripture: Revelation 22:1–6

Revelation 22:1-6 details the final description of the final vision that connects the human longing for the Garden-City of God that unites believers in the New Jerusalem at the feet of Jesus, the Lamb of God on the Throne. The response to this future reality leads the church to be worshipful, missional, courageous, and hope-filled.


Opening questions:

1) What has been a highlight of the summer for you?

2) How have you blessed someone this week that does not know Jesus yet?

3) How often do you think about heaven?

Text Questions:

1) Revelation 22:1-2 Name the descriptions of this Garden-City. What kind of place is this? Who is invited and what will be some of the benefits of living here?

2) Revelation 22:3 Why is there no longer going to be anything cursed? What is the impact of no curses upon the ground (See Genesis 3:17-19)

3) Revelation 22:3-5 What is the significance of being able to see God's face? Why will there be no night in heaven? 

4) John 7:37-39 How does one receive or drink of Jesus to never thirst again? How does the Holy Spirit impact this quenching of thirst

5) Philippians 1:18-26 What is Paul's main concern? What is your main concern and what would it look like for you to live with Paul's attitude?

6) Revelation 21:1-6 What is your response to these verses? How can you have hope of this one-day-home?

7) Revelation 22:6 How can we encourage others with these verses and the reality that heaven is a real place? 


Reminder we have prayer at noon on Mondays via Zoom. Click the link below to join us in prayer. 

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