May 4, 2019 Speaker: Mark Edwards Series: Shalom

Passage: Mark 4:35–41

Main Idea

Experiencing peace in my daily life comes out of growing in Daily Grace.


1. Developing a lifestyle of peace changes how I respond to the situation.

2. Jesus will provide peace in any situation or circumstance.

3. List one or more situations in your life where you desire peace.


Take Home

This week, I will focus on Jesus and strive to experience the peace that only He can provide in my life.


Life Group Discussion Questions

1. Take a few minutes to read Mark 4:1-34. What are the lessons in these parables, and how do they apply to us as Jesus’ followers?

2. Is there one that you can apply to your life right now? Why?

3. Read Mark 4:35-41. Experiencing the peace that Jesus desires for you can be (and often is) the result of traveling through a “storm” with Jesus. This is how your faith grows and peace comes when you abide in Jesus. Why do you think Jesus asked the disciples the questions in v. 40?

4. Apply Jesus’ questions in v. 40 to your own life, and any storms you are experiencing right now. Describe how you, personally, are hearing the questions and why. Are you hearing Jesus’ questions spoken with:

· compassion?

· patience?

· frustration?

· authority?

· encouragement?

· or ________________?

5. Are you going through a storm right now? If you are, and are able, share it with your group.


After each person shares, have someone pray specifically for that person and that he/she will trust Jesus to lead him/her into a deeper peace and confidence in Him.


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