February 26, 2023 Speaker: Jesse Bradley Series: The Kingdom

Passage: Luke 12:13–21

Opening Questions:

1) What is God doing in your life that is new?

2) What have you seen and heard about what God is doing at Asbury University this month?

3) What are you seeing God do at Grace with our church family? 


Text Questions:

1) Luke 12:13-15 Why do people get into so many disputes about money?

2) Luke 12:16-19 How can you stay generous when God blesses you?

3) Luke 12:20-21 What motivates you to seek and honor God? 

4) 1 Chronicles 22:19 What are some ways God is glorified in the church?

5) Psalm 14:2 Does God show up more where He is wanted?

6) Psalm 40:16 How do you declare and share about the goodness of God? 

7) Jeremiah 29:13 is there anything holding you back from seeking God with all your heart? 

Pray for each other and your appetite for God. 

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