April 28, 2024


Preacher: Mark Edwards Series: Exodus

Opening Questions:

1) As you begin to look ahead towards the summer, what are you most excited about experiencing in your life and in your family?
2) Share briefly about someone who made a positive impact in your life. What was happening in your life at that time? What was it about that person that made such a difference?

Group Questions:

God gives each of us “time,” “talent(s),” and “treasure” that we are to steward for His Glory.

Read Matthew 25:14-30
1) Read the text, and take time to share what is taking place in this parable that Jesus told. In describing the Kingdom of Heaven, how does Jesus connect the story to what God expects from us when it comes to how we spend and invest our life?

The Value of Your “Time”
Read Ephesians 4:14-15

1) As a follower of Jesus, what can you invest your time in that will bring the greatest reward?
2) What is one thing you could/will spend more time doing to grow as a disciple of Christ?

The Value of Your “Talent”
Read Ephesians 2:10

1) Share an experience when you knew that you were doing exactly what you were meant/made to do.
2) Do you know what God has planned for you to do in your life now -- or in the future -- which you are pursuing by faith, knowing that is has significance for God’s Kingdom to grow? If you do not know, ask someone in your group to begin to pray for you as you seek to discover it.

The Value of Your “Treasure”
Think about a time in your life when someone shared something with you. How did that make you feel? Were you surprised by it? Did you feel that you didn’t deserve it?

Read Matthew 5:14-16 and 2 Corinthians 9:6-8
These words of Jesus, and then of the Apostle Paul, relate to sharing and giving because of who you are in Christ, and how you are to give/invest your resources. Share with the group a time when you “let your light shine” or when “you gave cheerfully and generously”. What did you experience by doing it? How did this help you to grow as a Christ-follower?


1) Take time to share your prayer requests as they relate to either the use of your time, talent, or treasure. Pray specifically that each person will be faithful and grow in the specific area that he/she shares.
2) Pray for our church, our city, and our communities as we seek God together in how we can each share “HOPE” to others in our daily lives, and make a commitment to participate in the 28 Days of Hope Initiative.

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