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October 3, 2020 Speaker: Jesse Bradley Series: Relationship Roadmap

Passage: Genesis 7

Opening questions:
1) Have you started the marriage challenge and how is it going?
2) What are some of your relationships that you want to strengthen and experience healing from God during this series?
3) Have you gone through the new website - what holy habits do you want to grow in this year? 
Text Questions:
1) Read Genesis 6:5-10 How has God called us to live differently then what we see in our culture?
2) Read Genesis 6:14-22 What stands out to you about Noah’s faith?
3) Read 2 Peter 2:5 How can you share the gospel where you live, work, learn, and play?
4) Read Matthew 24:36-39 What does Jesus want us to learn from these verses and how do you apply it daily? 
5) Read Hebrews 11:7 What does it look like to believe God’s Word and why do so many people reject it? 
6) Read Isaiah 54:9-10 How does God comfort you in the flood of life? 
Spend time praying for faithfulness to God, including a time of repentance. 

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