October 17, 2021 Speaker: Jesse Bradley Series: Move Beyond

Passage: Mark 4:35–41

Opening Questions:

1) What storms has God helped you to overcome? 

2) What are some storms you are facing now? 

3) What is God teaching you in the storm? 

4) Who is the one person you will invite for invitation Sunday October 31st?


Text Questions
1) Mark 4:35-37 Do you ever feel like your boat is nearly swamped?

2) Mark 4:38-39 Have you had moments when you wondered how much God cares?

3) Mark 4:40-41 What does Jesus want the disciples to know and believe?

4) Psalm 34:4-5 How does God drive out fear?

5) Psalm 27:1 What does it look like to choose faith over fear?

6) Isaiah 35:4 How is God leading you to bring comfort to other people?

7) Isaiah 41:10 How do facts about God help you build up your faith in God?


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