November 28, 2021


Preacher: Mark Edwards Series: Move Beyond Scripture: Mark 12:28–34

As we wrap up the series, "Move Beyond", we hear Jesus state the foundational principles of following Him, and being a disciple. We are living in a time where it can feel like our most fundamental values are being redefined. Once again, as it was 2000 years ago, Jesus reminds us that we need to move beyond the expectations of our society. It is not enough to say we love God. We must show our love through our actions. We are expected to not ignore what goes on around us. We must respond and move beyond our fears, comfort, and circumstances to love God and others intentionally and completely. This will move us toward fulfilling the prayer that Jesus taught us, "Your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven."


Loving God Loving Others Putting God first Showing others that God loves them by how you love them.


Opening Questions

1) Is it more difficult to be “all in” with people or activities? Why?

2) Do you remember a time when you didn’t give 100% of yourself to a situation? Share with the group what the situation was and what was preventing you from giving it your all.

3) How does it feel when you are on the “receiving end” of someone who isn’t giving 100%?


Text Questions

1) Mark 12:28 What caught the attention of the “teacher of the law”? Read through the previous verses in the chapter to discover a possible reason.

2) Mark 12:29-31 When asked what “the” most important commandment was, Jesus added a second one. Why? Is it actually a second commandment?

3) Mark 12:32-34 The teacher did not hesitate to acknowledge that Jesus was correct in his reply. He valued it above “burnt offerings and sacrifices”. Based on Jesus’ response in vs 34, why do you think no one asked any further questions?


Personal Application

1)“With all your heart”

“With all your soul”

“With all your mind”

“With all your strength”


Which of these statements is the most difficult for you, when it comes to loving God?  Why? 

Share with the group what your response to God can be that will demonstrate a 100% commitment to God in the specific area that is most difficult.

 2) “Loving your neighbor as yourself” is a very clear command. So first, when you think of your “neighbors”:

  1. Make a list of those who are easy to love.
  2. Make a list of those who are difficult to love.
  3. Write a word or two beside each name that answers why that person is on the list.

Reflection & Prayer
Ask God where the connection is between how you love God, others, and yourself.

Is there something specific that needs to be addressed within you that, once it is brought to the surface and you are aware of it, can lead to a greater love for God and others?  If you are comfortable, ask those in your group to pray for you. Is there a specific person in the group that be a source of accountability in this area of your life?


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